Fall 2020 Hours

Succulents & House Plants


10 am - 4 pm








Please NO Pets, Food or Drinks

We will be following guidelines for social distancing

please be respectful of these guidelines.

Annuals vs Perennials
Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide a safe environment for our Customers, Our Staff and Our Family, while continuing share our knowledge and planting products with you through this changing season.


We Continue to grow, plant and look after the plants for all your needs.

We hope your planning to create magnificent garden spaces in your yard, on your deck and patios to enjoy this season!



Stay tuned and follow us here, and on Facebook and Instagram for updates on How it will look like this year as we open with all the necessary precautions in place!

Dragon-wing Begonia, just a baby here!



Annual plants are plants with a life cycle that lasts only one year. They grow from seed, bloom, produce seeds a die in one growing season. These require planting each year.


There are many different varieties, colours and selections for both sun and shade areas. They have many pleasing visual effects. they vary in size, texture, scent and what they can bring to your flower beds, planter pots and creative design. (this includes, butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, humming bird moths, oreo birds, and the small birds too!) There is even one to help keep mosquitos away!

Bleeding Heart, stunning show of beauty!



Perennials come back every year, growing from the roots that survive through the winter. Be sure to choose plants suitable to your Zone. Manitboa is listed as a Zone 3, referring to how hardy the plant is for our extreme winter below zero temperatures.

There is a large selection of perennials as well with a mixture of sun and shade varieties, colours, height and scents. 

The lifespan, bloom time, culture and forms of varieties vary greatly. Some Species such as lupines, delphinium are considered short-lived perennials  with a life span of just 3-4 years. Others may live as long as 15 years or even, in the case of some peonies, a lifetime!!

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