Welcome to or Gallery of Pictures! 

We've numbered them for easy reference, many of the items you'll find on one of our lists. However there may be some items on the lists but no picture on here as of yet.. google is always there to help you out and give you a good idea of what a plant will look like too! 


Please Note 

That the planters pictured in this gallery are not what we have available in store. Just an example of what the plants may like like fully grown.

#1 - Alternanthera
Red Threads, mounding, great for container planters or in the ground!
#2 - Alyssum
passion white
#3 - Asparagus Fern
green, trailing, house plant during winter months
#4 - Bacopa
Come in Blue or White
#5 Begonia
(Non-stop), Deep Rose, Deep Salmon, Joy Yellow, Deep Orange, Red
#6 - Begonia
Dragonwing Whopper, Pink, with bronze leaf
#7 - Begonia
Summerwings, Dark Elegance
#8 - Begonia
Belleconia, hot orange
#9 - Begonia
Summerwings, Ebony and Orange
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