Perennial Plants


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Alyssum (Madwort); variety - Golden Spring

Anemone; colour - Spring Beauty Pink

Anise-Hyssop; variety - Blue Fortune #G1

Aster; variety -Rose Beauty #G1, Purple Beauty #G1

Astilbe; variety - Fanal, Mighty Chocolate Cherry, Visions in Pink, Visions in Red, Visions

Astilbodies Tabularis


Baby's Breath; variety - Double Snowflake 3.5"

Balloon Flower (Platycodon); Fuji Blue, Fuji Pink

Beardtongues (Penstemon); variety - Dark Towers

Bell Flower; variety - Freya #G1

Bergenia; variety - Sakura (Dragonfly) #G1

Blanket Flower; variety - Spintop Copper Sun #G1, Spintop Orange Halo #G1, Spintop Red  #G1, Spintop Red Starburst #G1, Spintop Yellow Touch #G1,

Bleeding Hearts (Dicectra Spectabilis); colours - Common (pink), Alba (white), Gold Heart (pink) foliage is gold!

Bugloss; variety - Jack Frost #G1


Campanula; variety - Rapido Blue 3.5", Rapido White 3.5"

Catmint; variety - Cat's Pajamas #G1

Chinese Peony (Paeonia); variety - Bartzella, First Arrival

Chrysanthemum; variety - Baby Tears

Clematis; Viticella Emilia Plater, Bees Jubilee, Jackmail, Viticella Venosa Violacea, Viticella Alba Luxurieus

Columbine (Aquilegia); variety- Vulgaris Ruby Port, Vulgaris Winky Dbl Dark Blue & White, Vulgaris Winky Dbl Red and White

Coral Bells (Heuchera); variety - Palace Purple, Green Spice #G1,  

Cornflower; variety - Amethyst in Snow #G1

Cranes Bill (Geranium Sanguineum Max Frei);


Day Lily's (Hemerocallis); variety - Fragrant Returns, Stella Supreme, Storm Shelter #G1

Dianthus; variety -  Pink Fire 3.5" Wicked Witch 3.5"   

Delphinium; variety - Million Dollar Blue #G1


Echinacea; colour - Purple, PowPow Wild Berry, PowPow White 

Evening Primrose;  variety - Oenothera yellow sundrops 3.5"


Fern; variety - Native Fern #G1

Foxglovevariety - Foxy 3.5"


Globe Flower (Trollius); Lemon Queen

Globe Thistle (Echinops); Ritro Veitchs Blue

Grasses (Calamagrostis); variety - Eldorado, Karl Foerster, Overdam, Blue Lyme Grass, Blackhawks (Big Bluestem) #G1, Miscanthus (flame grass) #G1, Sweet Grass (Hierochloe), Saphire (helictotichon),Aureola (Hakonechloa), Rain Dance (andropogon)

Gypspphilavariety -  Festive Pink 


Hosta's; variety - Guacamole, Patriot, Avocado, Blue Angel, Blue Ivory, Blue Mouse Ears, Earth Angel, First Frost, Francee, Lady Guinevere, Night Before Christmas, Sum & Substance, Brother Stephan #G1, Bulletproof #G1, Curly Fries #G1, Dancing Queen #G1, Empress Wu #G1, Rainbow's End #G1, Victory #G1, Wolverine #G1 


Indigo; Blue False Indigo #G1

Iris; variety - "Albovariegata' Vergigated #G1, Swans in Flight Siberian #G1, Persian Berry #G1


Lady's Mantle; variety - Thriller #G1 & 3.5"

Lewisia; variety - Elise 4.5"

Ligularia; The Rocket

Lupine; variety - Russell Chandelier 3.5", Russell My Castle 3.5", Russel Noble Maiden 3.5", Russel the Chatelaine 3.5", Russell the Governor 3.5"

Lungwort (Pulmonaria); Majeste


Maltese Cross; Lychnis chalcedonic 3.5"

Meadow Sweet (Filipendula Rubra)


Peony; variety - Fernleaf #G2, 

Phlox; Crimson Beauty 3.5", Eye Candy 3.5", Blue Paradise 4.5", David 4.5" 

Poppy Orientale (Papaverine)

Poppy; variety - Princess Victoria Louise 3.5"


Rudbeckia; colour - Goldstrum yellow


Sage; Russian #G1

Salvia; variety -Bumbleberry #G1, Bumblesky #G1, Bumblesnow #G1, Bumbleblue #G1,  Rose Marvel #G1, Blue Marvel #G1, Deep Blue #G1,  Salute Ice Blue #G1, Salute Pink #G1, Salute White #G1

Sea Holly (Eryngium); Blue Star

Sea Lavender; Limonium latifolium 3.5"

Sedum; Autumn Fire, Autumn Joy

Shasta Daisy; variety - Becky #G1, Birdy #G1, Sweet Daisy Cher #G1, Snowcap #G1, Sweet Daisy Birdy #G1 & , Sweet Daisy Christine #G1 & , Sweet Daisy Cher #G1 & , Sweet Daisy Jane #G1 & 

Silver Mound;#G1 & 3.5"

Solomon's Seals (Polygonatum);

Spiderwort (Tradesscantia); variety - Concord Grape

Spinkenard; variety - Sun King #G1

Spurge  Cushion (Euphorbia polychroma); variety - Gateway #G1

StoneCrop; variety - Atlantis #G1, Plum Dazzled #G1


Veronica; variety - Little Blues  


Yarrow; variety - Peter Cotton Tail #G1 & 3.5",