Vegetables Available

Most current availability Updated Daily.


Copenhagen; 6" Diameter heads, great for coleslaw

Early Thunder; blue/green colour, round head, mild taste

Golden Acre; Early summer variety, ball shaped heads

Jersey Wakefield; great for salads, slaws, mild taste

OS; flat or drum head without large central leaf veins, great for cabbage rolls

Taiwan/Winner "Chinese King"; yellow/white, oval heads which collapse at maturity making easy separation of leaves

Red Cabbage; red colour, great for cooking and slaws

Cold Crops

Brussel Sprouts

Cauliflower / not yet available





Classic; long, slim and tapered

Gormet Long Ornamental; for stuffing or slicing

Little Fingers; long cylindrical fruit


Greens - Lettuce/Spinach/Chard

- Green Kale





- Everleaf Basil

- Mamoth Basil

- Sweet Genevese



Lavender; variety English Phenomenal 



- Catmint

- Chocolate Mint

- Spearmint

Parsley;  variety - curled, Italian plain

Rosemary; variety - upright

Taragon; French



Ailsa Craig; Up to 8" diameter, Spanish type, tolerant of cod weather

Candy; 3-4" fat globe, sweet and mild, yellow skin

Leeks; closely related to onions but have a sweeter, creamier, more delicate flavour

Walla Walla/Yellow; 4-6" sweet and mild




Bell Peppers

Better Belle; (Bell Red); up to 5" across, thick walled, fast growers perfect for patio pots, ready to harvest earlier than other varieties, matures from green to deep orange

Big Bertha; (Green);  7x4" sweet pepper turns to red when mature

Big Early; 7-8" fruit, big, elongated pepper, sweet

Early Prolific; (Fat N Sassy); Early producer, thick walls and mild sweet flavour

Golden Wonder; (Yellow Bell); 5x4" golden fruit matures to re/orange

Karisma; (Red Knight); 4x4 green pepper matures to red, thick walls and very sweet, top performer

Oriole; (Orange); 4-6" in length, sweet bell pepper that matures to orange

Purple Beauty; (Deep Purple); 3x3" deep purple peppers

Snackable Red; (Red); 2x2 mini bell peppers, compact habit, great for medium size containers

Sweet Peppers

Sweet Sunset; 7x1.5" sweet banana pepper

Takara;3.5x1" Shishito pepper, mild but rich flavour


Hot Peppers 


Big Chilli; 8" thick flesh and low pungency, fruit mature green to red but are mostly used as green

Mucho Nacho; 4x1", fatter, heavier, thicker and somewhat hotter than regular jalapeños 




Serano; 1-2" long, 1/2" wide, medium, thin walled fruit, pick when green for mild or when  they turn red for hotter pepper

Ethnic (Like Cayenne);(HOT) 2-5" long and 1/2" diameter 




Small Fruited Tomatoes

Sturdy Jo; red cherry tomatoes, small compact bush type, super sweet

Sugar Rush; red tomato, fast maturing and productive all season, (best in ground)

Sugary; relish pink, 1.5" long, crack resistant, oval shaped

Sungold; golden 1" fruit

Sunsugar; golden,. sweet, crack resistant, staking type


Hanging Baskets

Terenzo; 1" red cherry, low growing trailing, crack resistant, sweet, good for hanging baskets

Topsy Tom; 1" red cherry, oval shaped, sweet


Ground Cherry; 1" yellow cherry, grows inside papery husks on short plants. 

Slicer Tomatoes

Better Boy; 12-16 oz fruit, high yield, perfect for slicing, staking recommended

Biltmore; 8-10 oz fruit, crack resistant 

Bush Beefsteak; 8 oz fruit, juicy and meaty

Big Beef; 10-12 oz fruit, high yield, firm, juicy and highly flavoured

Celebrity; 7 oz fruit, high yield, crack resistant, disease resistant

Early Bush Girl; 6 oz fruit, container tomato, early maturity, compact yet self supporting

Early Girl; 5 oz fruit, early producers, meaty and juicy 

Homeslice; 5-6 oz fruit, early yielding with continuous harvest, vigorous plant yet compact, Perfect for containers and small gardens

HyBeef; 9 oz fruit, solid, meaty, "all around" tomato, staking required, disease resistant

Lemon Boy; 7 oz fruit, yellow slicer

Little Sicily; 3-4 oz fruit, compact habit

Manitoba; 6 oz fruit, bush type, bright red and  juicy

New Girl; 4-7 oz fruit, disease resistant, great flavour

Oxheart; 12-14 oz fruit, deep pink heart shaped fruit, meaty yet juicy, sweet rich flavour

Starfire; 7-10 oz fruit, globe shaped fruit, no staking required, juicy and meaty

Super Fantastic; 10 oz fruit, solid, meaty, "all-round" tomato, staking required, disease resistant 

Roma (Paste) Tomato

Little Napoli; 2-3 oz fruit, great for containers




Asperagas; variety - Millennium 




Recommend purchase of seeds and planting directly into the ground, they tend to grow better sowed directly to ground!